89-87 - W.J. Sait (Bristol) Ltd.
Hairdressing Supplies

Picture At the time of writing W.J.Sait has been trading at these premises, next to the Co-op Funeral Services, for over 35 years. Older Church Road patrons may recall that these shops were formerly home to Richmonds house furnishers and drapers.

David Stephenson: 'The hairdressing supplies business was started by William Sait who himself had been a hairdresser. He eventually decided he could make more money by selling hairdressing supplies and accessories to the trade. In the 1950s and '60s, Mr. Sait's business was based in Brunswick Square, with the slogan 'everything for the hairdresser'. When William retired he sold the business to one of his employees, Mr Vic Mustoe. In 1977 Vic moved to Church Road, next door to Miss Lily Richmond, who owned both the buildings. The business prospered and around 1983 W J. Sait's acquired the neighbouring shop when Miss Lily Richmond left.

A new fascia board covered both shops but the elegant design of the two separate shop fronts was retained.

At the time of writing the Company is run by Vic Mustoe's son and daughter.'

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