6 - R.W. Chandler

Picture Picture A long established Church Road shop that vanished in the 1970s. John Chandler set up his Church Road chemist in the 1880s. It was located in a three storey building on the corner of Morton Street, next to Pring the baker.

It was seen as a typical chemist shop of the period, with carboys full of brightly coloured potions and shelves stacked full of both familiar plus mysterious remedies. The carboy, a glass vessel with a globular base and tall narrow neck, became a symbol for chemists; Chandler had a painted representation of a carboy on the exterior wall above the door. This was there well into the 1970s and was a distinctive feature of this shop. In the period before 1914, Chandler was also noted for selling herb beer. (see advert)

After the Second World War the business was known as R. W. Chandler Ltd. It was still trading in the early 1970s but by 1980 a refrigeration business was using the premises, the exterior carboy had been painted over!


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