31 - City Motors
Car Sales

In the Summer of 1974 the Globe cinema Church Road was demolished. It had closed in January of that year; the end of an era. The neighbouring three storey buildings, dating from the 1930s, also went at this time. On this site a car showroom and garage was built for Renault City Motors (Bristol) Ltd. It became City Motors head office and stores. The garage essentially covered the site of the Globe while the new car show room was seamlessly blended onto the existing Pugsley building.


Around 1960 Joseph Pugsley & Sons Ltd, machinery and metals company erected an office showroom building at 31-27 Church Road on the corner of Russell Town Avenue. It was typical of the architecture of the time, following the then popular 'window-panel-window' approach. This produced a 'mass of glass' building, which was strikingly modern. It was this building, with detail alterations, which was basically extended to form the new City Motors showroom.

At the end of the 1990s City Motors left this site for a new showroom at Castle Court, St. Philips Causeway. Since that time Protyre have used this building.

Andy Jones: 'Passing on the way to Max Williams in the 1970s you could see the latest Renault line up. There was the '5', a stylish 'supermini' hatchback, the highly rated '16' and the large executive cars, the '20' and '30'. In the autumn of 1980 a big splash was made to launch the Renault Fuego coupe, a sporty Ford Capri rival.'

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