268 - Richmond Arms
Off Licence

The 1860s saw the birth of off licences. W. E. Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer facilitated the purchase of bottled beer and wine from shops including grocers. These could be licensed to sell alcoholic drinks for consumption at the buyer's home.

By 1900 the Richmond Arms was firmly established on the corner of Sherbourne Street. It served the new community of adjacent streets and was a typical corner shop/off licence of the period.

Picture In the 1930s Mrs. Edith Maud Crates owned this off licence until she lost interest in that trade and set up a furniture business at 226 Church Road. When Mrs. Crates left the Richmond Arms her middle child, Thelma, who was married to Stafford Bright took over the Richmond Arms and together they ran the business for many years.

From the mid 1960s the Kelly's Directory of Bristol began referring to No.268 as a grocers rather than the earlier description of 'beer retailer' (off). For example in 1973, T & S Bright, grocers, is recorded. It is not clear when this outlet ceased being an off licence/grocers.

At the time of writing, No.268 is home to Events and Venues - an events, location and management business.

Photograph from the 1950s. Note it is a United House. Bristol United Breweries were one of the City's major brewers at the time.

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