252 - Giacomo
Mens Hair Stylist

David Stephenson of the St. George History Group: "Giacomo Cimmino was born in Naples and was the son of a shoemaker. He often missed school to watch the local hairdressers. He started a hairdressing apprenticeship at the age of 11. His Sister came to England and when Giacomo was 15, he followed. He came to Bristol and worked in a hairdressing salon in Colston Street, at that time he spoke very little English so the traditional hairdressers conversation was difficult, this did not stop him cutting Cary Grant's hair, they both had something in common - Sophia Loren. Giacomo opened his shop in St. George in 1967, it was known then as 'The Continental Hairdressers'. This was the place for more modern cuts, when locally only the more traditional 'short back and sides' at the 'old boys' barbers was available. At the time of writing the business is run by Giacomo's two sons Roberto and Marco and it remains a very busy and popular venue."


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