233 - Thomas Dyke - Cake Maker
Christofer Bell - Bakers

Thomas Dyke, confectionary cake maker, established his Church Road shop in the early 1920s. It was near the junction with Lyppiatt Road and later its neighbour was the David Greig grocery store.

Joy Searle remembers: "Near David Greig's was a shop called Dykes where you could buy biscuits loose from big tins, weighed in a paper bag. The tins had a glass window in the top and were kept just above floor level and tilted forward so it was easy to see the different biscuits inside. They probably sold bread and cakes too but the biscuits are my lasting memory. One morning the word went around that there had been a fire on Church Road. Dykes was the shop that had caught fire and I remember the blackened windows and sinister smell of charred wood. I'm sure no one was hurt but I remembered being frightened by what had happened."

By 1964 Dykes had left No.233 and was replaced by a Christofer Bell cake and bread shop. Christofer Bell Limited was a member of the Rank Hovis McDougall Group and was based in Warmley, where they had a large bakery. Cakes, bread, iced buns, custard slices etc were sold in a chain of shops around the region. Christofer Bell traded at No.233 through the 1970s but had vacated Church Road by 1981. For many years a large Hovis sign was on the front of the premises, high up above the windows and nearly at roof level. Picture

By 1984 there was a change of direction for this outlet when it was converted into a take-a-way called SupaChick'n'. This boasted striking orange fascia signage, quite a contrast from the sedate Christofer Bell style. A few years later Bristol's Best Kebab was established here, selling burgers and pizzas as well as kebabs. This proved to be popular and was there for many years.

In May 2013 Bristol's Best became Delights pizza and kebab house selling kebabs, pizzas, burgers and wraps.

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