200 - Bristol Co-Operative Society Ltd.

The Co-op grocery store opened c.1920. It was situated on the corner of Church Road and Cossham Road. It sold a full range of Co-op grocery items, many produced by the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS). A popular brand was Co-op '99' Tea.

The list below gives a flavour of prices in 1979:


Picture The shop had the traditional Co-op payment system where money was dispensed by vacuum assistance to a central point instead of everything being done at the serving area.

In Bristol the Co-op led the way in self-service and the Church Road store was updated to a self-service supermarket. In 1965 the Co-op introduced blue Dividend Stamps, a response to the Green Shield stamps used by other food retailers. It was a new way to pay the traditional Co-operative 'Divi', or dividend scheme. The 'Divi' was very popular and meant people using the Co-op got a twice-yearly cash share payout of the Society's profits.

Picture The Co-operative closed down this Church Road supermarket in the mid 1980s. Since then, several companies selling motorbikes have used the former supermarket as a showroom. At the time of writing it is used by ebikes.

Left - how 200 Church Road looked in 2005.

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