133 - Edward Ferris

Edward 'Eddie' Ferris started trading at No.133 in the early 1930s. At this time the shop had already been a butchers shop for over 30 years, under the stewardship of the Hill family. Edward Ferris took over the reins from Mrs Alice Hill and he traded at this location until the early 1970s.

In the early part of the 20th Century, before supermarkets, there were many butchers on Church Road. Just along from Ferris's, across Edward Street was Stirret's later Bill Way's butcher shop.

For the butchers of Church Road the 'shop window' was supported by the bit of the premises the public didn't see; the 'business end, out back.' In the early days animal pens, slaughterhouses and storage sheds were all to be found behind the public shop. At many of the shops on Church Road, backyards were built over to provide storerooms, additional selling space and other facilities.

Ferris butchers, with sun awning, next to the Regent fruiterer and florist (1950s).

Andy Jones: 'My Dad's Uncle, Harry Jones, lived next door to Mr Ferris at 131 Church Road from 1914 to 1968. Pre 1939 Harry's wife Esther ran a corset making business from No. 131. Harry knew Eddie Ferris well as he did the Hills before.'

Doreen Parsons: 'I used to go to Mr Ferris; he sold very high quality meat. He was always smartly dressed in a butchers white apron. The shop had a smart tiled front and was very clean and tidy inside with the meat being displayed on a marble slab.'

At the time of writing No 133 is used by Medley hair and beauty.

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