127 - Alfred Henry Pople

Picture Pople's was in the middle of the mid Victorian terrace between Brook Street and Edward Street.

At the time Redfield became part of Bristol (1897), Mr. Henry George Pople established his newsagents shop. This was at 127 Redfield Road, before this stretch became part of Church Road.

Picture H.G. Pople was described at the time as a 'stationer, newsagent and fancy goods dealer'. In the 1900s the fancy goods bit of the description was dropped and 'tobacconist' added. By the early 1950s Alfred H Pople was running the shop. After 70 years on Church Road, Pople's closed down in 1965. The shop was empty for some time but in the early 1970s it was used by B.W.G. Stone, electrical contractors. In the summer of 2013 No.127 was converted into a unisex salon called King Baba-Dee.

Dave Cheesley recalls: 'The only shop in Redfield in the 1960s where you could buy penny ice-lollies. On hot summer evenings playing at Moorfields Park we would run around to Poples to buy them. This was a time when most ice-lollies were 3d or 4d so a penny made our pocket money go that much further. If we did have 4d then we would have probably bought a Jubbly or Calypso. These were large triangular shaped lumps of flavoured ice, sold in colourful cardboard wrappers.'

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