125 - Miss Chrisilla Evans
Decorators Materials

Picture Miss Chriscilla Evans was a hat maker by trade; she took over running her family's wallpaper shop in the 1950s. Evans 'a supplier of decorating materials' was a long established Redfield shop, opened in the 1890s by Herbert Evans.

The shop was three doors along from the Redfield Public House and next to Poples, the newsagent. Seen as a 'bit of a character', Miss Evans continued to run the shop in the 1970s, when she must have been well into her 80s.

Modernisation was obviously not high on the agenda because the shop front and interior did not seem to alter from one decade to the next. By the early Picture 1970s Evans wallpaper shop stood out because it looked incredibly old fashioned, an endearing survivor from a long gone shopping age.

There were a number of such small shops around in the early/mid 1970s. They had been around a long time, often since Victorian times and had clearly seen 'better days'. The increasingly elderly shopkeepers doggedly soldiered on, in vastly different times from when the shop was at its peak.

At the time of writing No.125 is the location of the Bristol Property Shop.

Victorian shops on Church Road      
- Evans and Poples in the 1950s.      

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