13 - E. Bryant
Newsagent & Tobacconist

This newsagent and tobacconist was situated three shops along from Jane Street. The Pugsley family, who operated a scrap metal business in the area, owned the shop. This shop was ideally placed for 'stocking up' before going into the Globe Cinema which was on the other corner of Jane Street.

Val Newport remembers: 'My parents Winifred Louise and James Edgar John Bryant ran a newsagent, at 13 Church Road, from 1919 to 1955. Our shop was three doors away from Jane Street and was exactly opposite Worthy Palfrey's butcher shop. 13 Church Road was 'obtained' by my Father's parents, thinking they were doing the right thing, because immediately after World War One accommodation was very hard to find and they thought that this was not only a living but accommodation. The rental of this premises was only 14 shillings from Pugsleys and it was deemed a good move by my Grandma and Grandad! I was the youngest daughter of three girls. We lived above the shop, which was where I and my two older sisters were born.

My parents sold newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, tobacco, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, Vantas drinks, fizzy bottles of lemonade, small toys and fireworks in November. Fireworks were not available during The Second World War but when they came back on the market they were in short supply and we kept them 'under the counter' for our regular special customers.

We had a very good clientele of regular customers, who had their newspapers and magazines put away for them. I used to deliver papers around the various houses. I remember the Yearsleys next to the church; I was always invited to their house for their Christmas parties and I remember Mrs Mee the hairdresser who was quite often in our shop.

Picture All went fairly well, until the late twenties, early thirties, when there was not much money around. My Mother carried the shop with the help of my cousin while my Father worked for the Bristol Aeroplane Company, at Filton, as a Storekeeper. When my middle sister was discharged from the Timber Corp, she replaced my cousin helping my Mother run the shop. My Father died in 1949. We rented the shop until 1955, when it was handed back to the Pugsley's.'

James Edgar John Bryant with his mother Ellen May                
Bryant in the doorway of 13, Church Road. 1919/20.                

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