120 - Pearce / Pearsons

Picture For many years No.120 was a fishmongers, a notable shop on Church Road.

Picture About 1930 Mr. Herbert Pearce converted the premises, situated between Milton Park and Worsley Street, into a wet fish shop.

After the War, Mrs. Doris Pearce continued the business, trading as the 'Church Road Fish Market'. It was advertised as 'The value for your money shop'.

Around 1969 the shop was taken over by Mr and Mrs Pearson, who were also fishmongers. It is believed that they moved up from their shop in Clarence Road when it was acquired for demolition. The Pearsons continued in the same style as Mrs Pearce and the classic white tiled open shop front remained. The Pearsons were still trading in 1981 but this memorable shop seems to have closed down in the mid eighties. The shop was subsequently turned into flats.

Picture Joy Searle recalls: "The shop had a window onto the pavement which would open up revealing a slanting marble slab with so many fish, some filleted, some whole with eyes and teeth, crabs, shellfish full of interest for a child.

In those days Mum would buy a pint of winkles scooped up in a pewter jug, wrapped in newspaper and taken home to eat with a pin. I think of it and wonder what my grandchildren would make of that now!"

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