193 - William J. Hudd
Pawnbroker - Draper - Outfitter

A fondly remembered shop on Church Road, situated between Hamilton Terrace and Victoria Parade.

Picture The shop emerged in the 1880s, the proprietor being Mr William J. Hudd. He lived with his family at Worsley Street, just off Church Road. By 1900 Hudd's shop was firmly established at No.193 as a pawnbrokers, drapers and outfit-ters. By the mid 1930s William's two sons Harold and William were running the shop. After World War Two, it was Harold's son, also called William J. who was the shopkeeper and who some may remember.

Through the '60s and '70s Hudd's remained a popular distinctive shop on Church Road; it was a shop full of character and noted for its sheer variety of stock.

William J Hudd retired c1983 and the shop closed. Cyril Dark and sons, who by this time were trading next door, took over No.193. Hudd's old shop front was soon replaced by the Darks modern, all glass design.

Collected memories of Hudds:

'There were three steps up to the door.'

'I got my haversack for school at Hudds. Choices were either blue or yellow.'

'The windows were crammed and I really mean crammed full of merchandise.'

'Mens suits were hung outside from the sun awning on summer days.'

'The shop building went back quite a way; after the initial batch of counters a set of steps lead to the rear section, mainly suits.'

'You could get suits, shirts and material for dressmaking. Hudds also sold clocks and the first Timex watches.'

'Hudds had all sorts of 'bric a brac', including gold and jewellery.'

'You could get lino and carpets plus bedding and curtains.'

'Mr Hudd and his assistant sat on chairs having a good laugh and a joke with the customer.'

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