18 - Cabot Taxis

Situated just around the corner from Cobden Street and next door to Palfreys the butchers, this shop has seen many uses over the years. It was part of a rank of buildings originally known as Gladstone Place, named after the Liberal Prime Minister.

In the 1930s the 'Marguerite Costumiers' could be found at No.18, an intriguing shop no doubt. During the 1950s this shop became another outlet for the Bristol Co-operative Society.

A complete change of direction occurred in the 1960s and '70s when these premises became the Transport Snack Bar.

Picture In the mid 1980s vinyl records replaced snacks when a second-hand record shop was to be found here. This consisted of rows of used 45s and LPs plus cassettes. It was very useful for purchasing those 'missing classics' which had been bypassed the first time around.

Some people will recall that during 1986/87, when John Williams had to vacate 7 Church Road, the premises became the Max Williams bike shop. It was odd seeing the bikes on the 'other side' of Church Road.

In recent years, a number of taxi firms have used the premises and at the time of writing 18 Church Road is home to Cabot Taxis.

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