1. The front cover. Thanks to Dave Cheesley for the photograph of the section of Church Road between Weight and Verrier Roads. The photograph was taken on Sunday 2nd August 1987.

2. Illustrations. Where we do not have photographs, we have decided to capture certain shops with illustrations. These have been specially produced for this book by Andy Jones. Based on memories and research, they give a broadly accurate representation of what the shop would have looked like. However, it is not the same thing as having an actual photograph. If you have, or know of, a photograph, please let us know.

3. At the time of writing refers to 2013/2014 when the book was written, with various updates and links to the current shops' websites added in 2016 when the website was produced.

4. The Noughties refers to the years 2000 to 2009.

5. Photographs. If you want a larger copy of any of the photographs here, please email us with the page/address number and which photo you require.

6. Just in case you don't know, Church Road BS5 is also known as the A420 and it runs from Lawrence Hill to The Fountain, where the road forks to Clouds Hill Road (becomes Bell Hill Road, the A420 to Kingswood) and Summerhill Road (the A431 to Hanham).

7. You may also be interested in the Facebook group 'Church Road - Bristol'. No connection to us but similar subject matter.