The production of this book has been made possible by the generous support of the St. George West Community First Neighbourhood Fund. We gratefully acknowledge the support given.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the following for sharing memories, information and photographs. Together the following have supplemented our understanding and jogged our memory. The book has been greatly enriched as a result.

Gloria Andrews, Garry Atterton, Val Atterton, Russell Auty, Mike Baker, Susan Acton Campbell, John Boalch, Malcolm Coles, Viv Coles, Carol Coombs, Jo Curtis, Richard Curtis, Mark Custance, Joan Denman, Les Furnivall, Gina Georgiou, Janet Gleeson, Ian Haddrell, Cyril Harris, Dan Jones, Harry Jones, Linda Jones, Steve Luscombe, John Merrett, Jim Morris, Val Newport, Phil Offer, Albert Palfrey, Mike Palfrey, Tung Pang, Simon Patten, Andy Parsons, Doreen Parsons, Tracy Parsons, Jean Pavey, Sue Pickering, Yvonne Poole, Ruth Soandro-Jones, Joy Searle, Stuart Sharp, Fred Smith, Sue Stead, Doreen Stephens, Rodney Stephens, Viv Tasker, Christine Taylor, Stuart Thorn, M.J. Tozer, Graham Walker, Martin Williams, Ted Warren, Rita Warry, Bryan Weeks, Jill Willmott, Bob Winkworth, Anne Withers, Karyn White, Stacy Yelland. The Elkin family. The Mustoe family. The Bollom family. Chris Allen - Shiner Ltd, Richard Dark - Cyril Dark & Sons, Ross Smale - Saunders and Weeks, Tim Boodrie - Summers Memorials. Alex Thompson - Dig In, Chloe Lester - Dig In.

The late Wally Ball. The late Harold Dancey. The late Sue Davis. The late Ernie Haste. The late Bryan Hodges. The late Dorothy Jones. The late Joyce Haddrell. The late Kath Nurse. The late Joyce Peters. The late Veronica Smith. The late Ernie Webber.

Historical information has kindly been sourced from: Ancestry, Bristol Central Library, Bristol Observer, Bristol Record Office, Bristol Post, Clark's Pies Redfield, Cohesion Hair and Beauty, Christopher Searle, Greggs PLC, Martin Carwardine & Co, Miss Millies Fried Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Ltd, London Metropolitan Archives, Merlin Carpets, St. Ambrose Church, Tesco PLC, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, Vestey Foods Group.

We would like to thank Kelly's Directories Ltd for enabling us to enhance this book with entries from parts of the 1968/69 Bristol edition.

A special debt of thanks must go to the substantial contribution made by the following local historians:
    - David Stephenson of the St. George History Group
    - Dave Cheesley, Secretary of the Barton Hill History Group.
    - Tony Brake, Barton Hill History Group Archivist.
Their support, research, memories and photographs have been invaluable.

Also a special appreciation to George Gardiner for the generous use of his 2005 Photographic Survey of Church Road.

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